My Top 5 Mums of Social Media

If you’re anything like me then you love to follow other mums on Facebook and Instagram and there are a select few that I keep coming back to just because they are witty, real and their posts are really relatable to as a fellow mum. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the place to show everyone else how great our lives can be and this is usually quite far from the truth. I like following these women because they are true to themselves, and show their lives for all the good and bad. I find this really refreshing when there seems to be a culture of Instagrammers who want to appear perfect and flawless to their followers. A shocking amount of youngsters are seeing this and trying to copy/achieve the same in their own lives which of course is completely unattainable.

As mums we are quick to judge ourselves and others and often suffer badly from mummy guilt. If you are lucky enough to have a group of fellow mums around you, you will all know how hard it can be at times and support each other. For a lot of mums there still seems to be a real lack of support or friends around them and they suffer from a lot of loneliness. Luckily mums such as the ones I follow and communities such as Mummy Social recognise how important it is for us to meet mummy mates and to not be alone.

I believe mums or not it is so important for women to support each other, build each other up and give praise where it is deserved. It’s too easy to fall into traps of jealousy, judging and general bitchiness when we see posts online of other women’s so called perfect lives.

So if you only want to follow other women who tell it how it really is, who work with other women to spread the word that supporting each other and being real is really the only way, then I highly recommend you take a look at these accounts and you’re bound to get some serious laughs along the way!


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The Unmumsy Mum (Facebook and Instagram):  

The Unmusmy Mum is a blog by Sarah all about her life since she had had her two boys. She shares anything and everything to do with parenting highs and lows. Her posts always give me a giggle and its really easy to relate to her and life with little ones. I’ve just purchased her first book which is more in depth then the blogs and thoroughly enjoyable!



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Mother of Daughters (Instagram): 

Clemmie is a mother of 4 daughters including twins Ottilie and Delilah, she is also a midwife and just published the book ‘How to grow a baby and push it out’. I love seeing what Clemmie and her family get up to, her girls are adorable and like the unmumsy mum she doesn’t censor any of the bad bits. Her husband also has an account under Father of Daughters and his humour around looking after four girls will definitely have you smiling.



Constance Hall (Facebook and Instagram): 

I know a lot of my friends follow Constance, she is truly an inspirational lady. Constance is the Queen of not censoring her life, the highs, lows and the really shit stuff. Constance is one of my favourite people to follow because along with the good bits she is just so honest, it really is a breath of fresh air. As well as looking after her babies she has launched a book and is currently touring the world sharing it with other women. She inspires many other women and encourages women/mothers/sisters etc to love and support each other and treat ourselves like the Queens that we are. If you’re going to follow anyone on social media I recommend Constance!


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Fearne Cotton (Facebook and Instagram): 

Most people will know of Fearne through the TV or radio, she is a really likeable lady. I like to follow her on social media not for a look at her home, celebrity status etc, I like Fearne because she tries to live a more simplistic life. She has struggled with depression in the past and has recently written a book called ‘Happy’ about this and how she has used certain tips and tools to help her through the darker periods of her life. I find Fearne is someone to look up to in regards to her lifestyle, from trying to eat well, exercise and just being mindful about our lives. Making time to relax, enjoy our families, be happy and content with what we have and not always wanting for more. I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the content of her social media accounts.


Sarah – Jayne / Bella Coco (Facebook and Instagram): 

Of course I could not end this blog without mentioning Bella Coco! For those of you that do not know, Sarah – Jayne is the Queen of Crochet! She has a youtube channel Bella Coco where she provides crochet tutorials. I’ve followed her for a while as her tutorials are super easy to follow and have been the starting point for most of my crochet projects. Now Sarah – Jayne is expecting her first child I’m really looking forward to following her progress and seeing her little one when it arrives. She has a few video logs already on her pregnancy announcement, lifestyle etc and I know there will be some good ones to watch as she makes her journey into mummy hood!

I know after I’ve published this I’ll think of loads more mummy’s that I want to tell you about as I follow so many but we’d be here all day! This is really just a snippet of my favourites at the moment. Do you follow anyone that I’ve missed and really want to share with us? Please let me know, us mummies need to stick together and support each other!

Love Michelle xx

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