She’s Arrived! Introducing Emelia.

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce you to our beautiful little girl Emelia.

What a journey it has been awaiting her arrival. I think this pregnancy has been the most anxious and worrying time for me (mainly from my own anxieties with no truth to them) and I’m so relieved that she has arrived safely. Most of the pregnancy has felt so unreal and the thought of her being here so far out of reach, but I’m pretty sure I said the same with my first! Its so hard to imagine your life with a new little bundle especially when you have one already and you’re settled and used to family life. For us there is a 4 and half year gap between our eldest Max and Emelia but now she’s here its like she was always with us.

I was really excited to introduce Max to his little sister and just had no idea how he would react. He said he was excited for her arrival but I think he was secretly a bit fed up of us talking about her and all our friends and family asking if he was excited about it. There are so many worries that come with introducing a new sibling, will the eldest suddenly feel jealous, left out, unloved etc but we really had nothing to worry about. Seeing Max with his little sister and the gentle way he is with her is just the most amazing thing and as a mum it fills you with so much love and contentment. I am also aware that this may be short lived and we have many years of disagreements, jealousy and general mischievous from them both, but when you see them together for the first time you cant help but see the special bond that will hopefully hold them together for the rest of their lives.

So for now we are trying to get used to a completely new routine with Max and Emelia and my recovery from the c-section although a lot harder then I expected in the first week is now improving each day. I’m not sure what happened that made it better the first time I had a C section with Max but this time it really hit me hard. I reacted badly to the anaesthetic and pain killers and spent my first day after the section in recovery feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. Over the coming days I began to feel a little better but found the pain really bad and as a result took more pain killers which continued to make me feel groggy and unwell. 2 weeks on and things are very different now, the pain is minimal, I’m mobile and back to my normal self and believe me I am so happy about this!

It’s strange to have gone through this with a second c section when it didn’t happen the first time. Although I do not regret my decision, it brought me my little girl in what I still believe was the safest way, but In total honesty I really would not want to go through it again. I can more fully understand now the arguments for and against c sections and although it was the right decision for me I can say that it was really bloody hard.

Now I am feeling better I am looking forward to writing more and letting you know how we get on, sleepless nights, grumpy mum, kids and all the good bits too!

Love Michelle xx

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