Why I chose an elective C-Section

I really wanted to post something about electively choosing a C-Section as I feel this is still a really taboo subject among mums and I quite often see posts flying around facebook about women that have been scolded for having a c-section or even been told that they did not give birth! On the opposite side to this there are thankfully also lots of posts from women embracing their c- section scars and celebrating them.

This is a subject close to my heart as my first labour with my son Max ended up in an emergency section due to him not being in the correct position and subsequently in distress. For me the experience left me feeling like I never wanted to go through this again and potentially put myself or my baby at risk. However……whether this would happen again in a future pregnancy/labour is debatable for many reasons.

So why choose an elective section the second time around?

After spending many hours during this pregnancy researching the ifs/buts/statistics etc for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) compared to a c-section, I can honestly say I feel very well informed and acknowledge that there are risks with both a VBAC birth and a c-section, different risks but risks all the same.

For me personally the prospect that I could try a vaginal delivery and have the same thing happen again is enough for me to not consider it. I know to many this will seem unreasonable, however, for me a VBAC birth leaves too much room for ‘what ifs’ and I do not want to leave anything to chance in regards to my baby. This time around I will get to experience a positive birth, free of anxiety and stress which I know again for me personally will affect me and my baby should I try a VBAC birth.

My point is, whatever your reasons for a VBAC or c-section we are lucky enough to live in a country where we have the option to choose either of these if we have experienced a difficult first labour. If our own NHS is able to offer this to us (although they do not do so lightly and without fully informing you of the risks first) who are we to judge women for either choice? How dare we tell someone they have not given birth just because they had a c-section? Every women who carries a baby gives birth no matter the method in which they arrive. We all have our own reasons for the choice we end up making and sometimes it is made for us due to medical reasons, but we should not be fearful of telling others or feel we have to explain ourselves.

I know I have often felt fearful to tell others why I wanted a c-section this time around and this a fear of being judged. As I am sure many of you will judge as you read this, but I hope the majority would stand alongside me and all other mothers to support us in our choices and know that we are all making the best decisions we can for our much loved and awaited babies. At the end of the day a baby that arrives as safely as possible is more important then how they got here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Have you chosen to have an elective c-section and have you felt fearful of telling others why? Do you think mothers are supported enough in their birth decisions?

Love, Michelle xx

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