Crochet Dream Catcher Tutorial

Materials required:
1 Embroidery hoop (8inch)
Yarn in your chosen colour to cover the hoop
Yarn in your chosen colour for the centre piece
A 4mm crochet hook
A darning needle
Ribbon (one or two contrasting colours and thickness)
Lace ribbon
A pom pom maker (optional)

Step One:

Choose what kind of centre piece you would like for your dream catcher and which colour yarn you will be using. You could choose a mandala pattern or in my case I chose a simple coaster. I used a tutorial on youtube by Bella Coco which you can find here:

I used a 4mm crochet hook and Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Mustard.


Step two:

Tie your contrasting yarn to the top of your embroidery hoop (I bought mine from Amazon for £2.79 as an add on product), I used Stylecraft Special DK Yarn in Silver for this part. Now wrap the yarn closely around your hoop until you reach the top again. Knot the yarn here and either create a hanging loop by leaving a section of yarn loose and tying it on the other side of the top of the hoop, or tie off the yarn and use the metal part at the top of the hoop to hang it from the wall.



Step 3:

Using the same coloured yarn as your centre piece, tie a length of roughly 1 metre to the edge of your coaster/mandala. Now place the centre piece on a flat surface in the middle of the hoop and thread the yarn over the hoop and back through the edge of your centre piece. Do this at several points around the hoop to secure it in place. I found the easiest way to do this was to thread it all around loosely then pull the yarn tight by hand at each section to ensure the correct tension and position. Tie and cut the yarn when you are happy with the tension.



 Step 4:

Cut several lengths of your ribbon and lace to roughly 42cm long (This is the length I like but you can adjust accordingly to your preference). Now tie each in a random method across the bottom of the hoop.


Step 5:

Make a small pom pom with the contrasting yarn you have covered your hoop in. You can do this by using a small pom pom maker if you have one, alternatively you can follow a tutorial on youtube there are tons to choose from.

When tying the pom pom ensure you leave one length of yarn roughly 42cm long. Once complete you can tie it to the hoop at the bottom along with the ribbon.



Step 6:

Make a Crochet heart. The style and size of heart is completely up to you, there are a number of tutorials on youtube its just a case of picking your favourite. For my heart I have again used a Bella Coco tutorial as I find her tutorials so clear and easy to follow. You can find the tutorial here (I used a 4mm hook for a slightly larger heart):

Again you will need to ensure you leave a length of yarn of roughly 42cm long so you can tie it to the hoop at the bottom along with the ribbon.

 Congratulations!!!! You have now completed your Crochet Dream Catcher!!!


 If you have any questions or are unsure of any of the above please leave a comment below!
Don’t forget to share a picture of your completed dream catcher!!!


Michelle xx

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