What to buy for a second baby?

If you’re anything like me then I love to know what people buy for their babies and whats available, so I thought some of you may be interested to see what we bought for our little one especially as its our second baby. I’ve included links to everything incase you are interested in buying anything I’ve shown, It’s definitely easier to figure out what you need the second time after you’ve tried and tested a few things the first time around.

When we found out we were having a second baby I really thought we wouldn’t be needing to buy many items as I had kept a lot, but we soon found out we where having a girl and I couldn’t use all the boys clothes I had saved. Apart from clothing we are using the same travel system, moses basket, cot, car seat etc, in essence all the big ticket items which we bought in gender neutral colours specifically so they could be used again!

For some reason I had never really considered that we would have a girl, thinking only of the boys world we were currently living in and I really cant stand garish pink girls clothing. Here started my mission to find as many non pink sleepsuits/outfits as I possibly could! Believe me this was more challenging then I originally thought, especially when you are not wanting to spend too much and I’m sure I cant be the only mother out there who doesn’t want her daughter to only own pink clothing? I have managed to find a number of sleep suits ranging from newborn up to 3 months in non pink colours from shops such as Next and 
Boots. We do have the odd pink sleep suit thrown in for good measure too though, as it really does seem impossible to avoid! I found that the bigger shops such as Next have the biggest range of colours/patterns etc although at around £16.00 for 3 sleep suits its a little on the pricey side for us modest mum’s. I believe you can also find a lot more variation from more expensive shops such as Vert Baudet, Joules and Jo Jo Maman Bebe.  On the much cheaper end of the scale H&M has a really lovely selection of baby clothes in a range of colours and styles.

This is a general list of items I really wanted this time around: (None are essential, more wants so that this baby had a few new things of her own, as well as updating some of the old stuff).

 – A pram blanket

 – A cot blanket

 – An overnight bag for me

 – New curtains

 – A video Monitor

 – Reclining Bouncer

 – A sling

Starting with the pram and cot blanket I ended up buying them from Mamas and Papas in their sale quite a few months ago. I managed to pick them up at half price which I was really happy with as they are both now full price again, but it is worth waiting for the sales if you can. These are the colours that we have chosen for the baby’s room, quite neutral with a lovely pop of yellow.
















An overnight bag:

A new overnight bag is something I have wanted for a while and I spent some time browsing Amazon for a practical but reasonably priced bag, I found several which would have been ideal but I was gifted this amazing bag by my mum from Cath Kidston. It’s massive with a detachable pocket and separate compartment at the bottom for shoes, laundry etc. It’s machine washable and all folds away into the inner pocket. There are a few different colours available but at £55.00 this is definitely not a bag I would have bought for myself. I’m more of a ‘cheap and cheerful’ from Amazon or Primark kind of girl, but without a doubt I do love this bag and I’m very grateful to be gifted it.






Along with the overnight bag I was also gifted this Cath Kidston changing bag and changing mat. It’s a really handy mini bag that has room for wipes, a foldable change mat, nappy bags etc all with a useful clip that can attach to your pram. It means you won’t always need to take the whole changing bag with you every time you need to change your baby or you could pop it into your own handbag if needed.

Again at £24.00 for the bag and £12.00 for the mat they are a little on the pricey side but not out of reach for most mums and would make a fantastic gift for any mum to be.













New Curtains:

This is where I got a little stumped. I had already decided on a grey and white star theme for the bedroom and had seen curtains in this style available at Next. However, by the time I wanted to order them they had changed their range and no longer sold them. I searched the internet for anywhere else that I might find them and found that Marks and Spencer and John Lewis both did the curtains in the exact style I wanted but with a starting price of £65.00. This may not seem much to some for curtains but for me who’s always looking for a bargain it was way too much. More browsing of the internet brought up nothing so I decided maybe it would be better to make my own (or more precisely ask my mum to make them)!

In the end I went for this beautiful mustard yellow fabric from Higgs and Higgs as I felt maybe grey curtains as well as the blankets etc would seem a little cold. The yellow works perfectly with the grey and gives the room the perfect pop of colour that it needs. My mum made the curtains with this fabric and then we got black out liners that can be attached separately from Dunelm to finish them off. In total they cost around £40.00 so a £25.00 saving and a much nicer item to have knowing they were hand made especially for our little one.








A Video Monitor:

When I had my son 4 and half years ago video monitors weren’t really a thing but boy are they now! I love that it is now possible to watch our little ones from another room without having to actually go in there. The amount of times I used to debate about whether to go into my sons room to check on him/retrieve a possible lost dummy etc I could have saved myself a lot of hassle if we’d had one of these. A video monitor is not cheap but it was one of my must haves if we could, for a simpler life I think its totally worth it. We went for the Motorola MBP36s which has fantastic reviews and was recommended by a few of my friends. If you watch it carefully on Amazon the price does often drop to under £100.00. I bought mine at £89.99 so it pays to hang on a little bit for a better price. I cant wait to use this, it will give us so much piece of mind!






A reclining bouncer:

Now I don’t know about you but when I purchased a bouncer for my son I was under the impression that it would be easy to use from birth and provide a nice spot to put the baby down whenever I needed to. However, the bouncer I purchased did not recline to different levels and when my son was placed in it he used to slide down from one side to the other and meant I couldn’t leave him in it even if I was going to be stood next to him. This may have been an error on my part as I’m sure the box the bouncer came in probably gave an age recommendation, but this time a must have for me was a reclining bouncer that could lay flat enough for a newborn to be placed in safely. On recommendation from a few friends and after searching the internet for quite a while we settled on the Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer. Although I was quite shocked at the prices of bouncers and how hard it was to find one that reclined at a reasonable price.

This bouncer is great and has several positions it can be placed in, but we did take the time to find one locally on Gumtree rather then paying the full price. Gumtree is one of our favourite places to look whenever we need something and the bouncer we found was practically brand new and in perfect condition, at £30 it was worth it to buy it second hand and just give the covers a wash.







A sling:

I never had a sling when I had my son and I really wanted one this time so that I could be hands free as much as possible to still spend quality time with him. We also do a lot of dog walking and the terrain is not always pram friendly so a sling is definitely more ideal for this. I found choosing a sling really difficult, there are so many to choose from! Where do you start, do you pick something soft and stretchy that seems to go on for metres or something hard and more structured? I found what I wanted in the end by searching the internet for the top 10 slings and reading a lot of reviews for each one. Most of the slings recommended as the best are priced at nearly £100 or more and were really out of our price range.  In the end I decided to try the Close Caboo Carrier its probably around mid range price wise but still has plenty of highly regarded reviews. I liked the look of this sling because it has a soft structure with material that is pulled through rings at the side to tighten. This seems a lot easier to me then having to wrap metres of fabric around myself and I liked that the material is soft and not structured like a baby carrier. I’m hoping this means I’ll have more flexibility for wearing it at home and also out and about.

There are a couple of slings in the range but we went for the Close Caboo carrier Cotton Blend. I cannot wait to try it out and have watched several videos on youtube on how to use it, but I’m sure i’ll still need to follow one the first few times to get used to it!






I’ll keep you updated once the baby has arrived as to whether these products live up to my expectations!

Love Michelle xx

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