10 things you don’t know about me….

Now that I am 5 posts in on my new blog I thought it would be a good time to let you all in on some insights into me and get to know me a little better. From a purely nosey point of view I have always loved it when others post lists similar to this, so I am hoping your sense of curiosity will make you feel the same about mine!

Here we go:

1: I am 30 years old and my star sign is Virgo. I’m starting here with something simple but something we always want to know about others. Why we need to know someones star sign is something I find quite amusing, mainly because it seems to be a reason or validation as to why we shouldn’t or should like someone. Which in reality is such rubbish, no ones star sign defines them and theres no reason why we cant get on with any star sign out there.


2: My first car was a red Nissan Micra with a leak in the roof and a windscreen that used to freeze on the inside. He was called Noddy, one of my besties had a matching one in lime green and he was called Kermit.


3: I have a very unhealthy obsession with sour or very sugary sweets. I of course do not let my son eat them, I eat them responsibly once he is in bed.


4: My nan taught me to play the piano when I started school and I played for years before I gave up when I became too interested in my friends and going out. This is one of the only things I regret as I’d love to still be able to play now.


5: I love having children, but I really don’t enjoy being pregnant, at all.


6: Me and my husband have decided for many reasons to home educate our children.


7: I have three tattoos and I am planning a fourth later this year.


8: I suffer from anxiety, this was triggered by a hormonal imbalance I developed a few years ago and I didn’t have a clue what was wrong.


9: I once hid my sisters keys and told her I had no idea where they were, I then secretly replaced them and for a long time she believed it was a ghost, I did confess in the end.


10: Since the age of 18 I have dipped in and out of meditation, positive thinking etc depending on how my life is going at the time, but it is something always in the back of my mind that needs to become more of an everyday thing. At the very least I try and concentrate on three things every day that I am grateful for and this uplifts me for the day and reminds me how good and amazing life is.


Please feel free to carry this on and tell me something about yourself that I don’t know, I’d love to get to know you all better!

Love Michelle xx

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